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Epworth Road & SR66 Project 101

Updated: May 4, 2023

WHAT: The Epworth/SR66 intersection is getting an upgrade.

The resulting intersection will be what is known as a duel symmetrical displaced left (DLT). In a DLT intersection vehicles turning left move to a dedicated lane on the other side of the road, with a signal, before they enter the intersection. There’s no need for a left turn signal at the main intersection. Left-turn traffic moves with traffic on the SR66 . This is also known as a continuous flow intersection. Cross Pointe Blvd, and Burkhardt will also be getting duel displaced left upgrades creating continuity as your travel this corridor.

1) Find out more about DLT's from INDOT by clicking HERE 2) Watch a video on DLT HERE

3) Learn how to Navigate a DLT below

WHY: Accommodate Growth: Epworth & SR66 traffic continues to grow and is a key intersection in our region.

Safety: A Displaced Left Turn Intersection is safer by reducing conflict points and types of impacts

Moves More Mainline Traffic: Displaced Left Turn intersections provide more green time to mainline (SR66) traffic.

Better Access on and off of Epworth: The upgrade will also be good for Epworth traffic with new right turn slip lanes, an additional through lane, left turn lane and more, See green highlighted image below.

WHEN: Under Construction May 2023 - November 2024 We will have a separate specific update on the schedule, lane closures, and detours

WHO: SR66 is a state road and this project is an Indiana Department of Transportation Project (INDOT). Several groups are involved with design, construction, and completion.

  • Area Engineer INDOT

  • PE/S: RQAW

  • Project Manager: INDOT

  • Designer: AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

  • Contractor: JBI Construction, Inc.

Warrick County has worked with INDOT to get the best result at Epworth for safety, growth, reduced travel times, and Epworth access.

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