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Advanced Broadband

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Warrick County sees broadband as mandatory infrastructure for the 21st Century.  We believe access to advanced broadband is a competitive advantage for our residents, students, and businesses.  It is a a key factor driving future technologies.  In order to bring this connectivity to Warrick County that otherwise might be years away, Warrick County took the proactive step to seek out proposals to build out a county-wide advanced fiber network. 

This network has two main pieces, fiber and wireless.


FIBER BACKBONE PROJECT - Mainstream Fiber Networks

  • 105 Mile Fiber Backbone

    • Connects every town, school, library, hospital, town hall, and county facilities across Warrick County​

  • Capacity

    • 1 GB residential (non-rural)

    • 10GB in schools and government facilities

    • 100GB in the certain Business Districts

  • Symmetrical  - same upload & download speeds

  • Fiber is considered "future proof" to handle the speed of tomorrow's innovations

  • Fully ringed fiber for reliability and redundancy

  • Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Fiber to the business (FTTB) provides fiber right into the building and not just to the neighborhood or curb

fiber backbone route.png

* Above; Dark and light orange highlight the fiber backbone route.   100's of miles of lateral will be built off the backbone

Benefits for Residents

  • No Data Caps

  • No Throttling

  • Provides advanced broadband today

  • Increases Bandwidth (vs. traditional metal cables)

  • Creates innovative learning opportunities for our students

  • Opens the door for new, higher-paying jobs and the ability to work from home

Benefits for Businesses

  • Provides broadband access to a large percentage of county businesses

  • Connections or schools, libraries, and government locations

  • Allows development in areas that currently lack coverage or internet options

  • Scalable to meet the business world's changing needs

  • Supports cloud-based systems and next-gen IT systems


WIRELESS PROJECT - River City Wireless

  • Warrick County is aware that the fiber backbone will not reach everyone and that a fixed wireless solution would help us to fill in the gaps..

  • Through research and proposals, River City Wireless (a local Warrick County business) was chosen to implement more wireless coverage

  • Fixed wireless broadband is a method of delivering Internet connection to consumers over the airwaves.

  • No Data Caps

  • No Speed Throttling

  • Multiple Package Available

  • Installing now


Visit the sites below to learn more

WAR PR190201 Warrick Fiber Info Sheet De
River City Wireless logo (1) no

Making Connections Across Warrick County

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