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Warrick County will be at Epworth project meetings and will continue to update this page 

  • What is the Epworth Construction Project?
    The project is an upgrade for State Road 66 and for Epworth Road. It will be safer, move more traffic, and provide better access on and off of Epworth Road. The result will be a duel displaced left intersection. The official description is as follows: As proposed, the project will replace left turning movements along the mainline with displaced left turns in both directions. The NB ramps to I-69 will be realigned as part of the project. The project will include some redesign of signaling. The potential area of impact extends approximately 2,900 feet west and 2,600 feet east of the intersection along SR 66; approximately 900 feet south of the intersection along Epworth Road; and approximately 1,000 feet north of the intersection along Epworth Road. New 44-foot tall lights will be placed near the displaced left turns and at the Epworth intersection. Several small structures will be replaced or extended throughout the project area including two culverts under the NB I-69 to EB SR 66 exit ramp, one under the WB SR 66 to NB I69 entrance ramp, and a 36-inch pipe beneath SR 66 on the eastern side of the SR 66/Epworth Road intersection. None of the small structures have structure numbers due to their size. In order to provide adequate separation from the reconstructed Epworth Road intersection, the NB I-69 to EB SR 66 exit ramp will be changed to a signalized “T” intersection and the WB SR 66 to NB I-69 entrance ramp will be changed to reduce the curve radius which will create separation from the Epworth Road intersection. On Epworth Road north of SR 66, an additional auxiliary lane will be added in order to create enough width for dual left turn lanes. On Epworth Road south of SR 66, a SB right turn lane will be added between SR 66 and the Deaconess Hospital entrance and an auxiliary lane will be added along the NB lanes to create enough width for dual left turn lanes. Grading and drive construction will likely be required along SR 66 and Epworth Road.
  • What is is a displaced left and how does it work?
    Vehicles turning left move to a dedicated lane on the other side of the road, with a signal, before they enter the intersection. There’s no need for a left turn signal at the main intersection. Left-turn traffic moves with traffic on State Road 66. This is also known as a continuous flow intersection. Watch a video excerpt below from the Federal Highway Administration to get a better idea of how this type of intersections works.
  • How long will the project take?
    Construction is set to begin in June of 2023 and be completed in November of 2024
  • How much will the project cost?
    The project went to bid and was awarded for $13,207,513.63 The funding is a mix of state and federal dollars.
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