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Epworth Construction News

The purpose of this page is to provide a quick overview of the following items:

  • Provide video modeling of both discussed options:  A) INDOT's Hybrid/J-turn  B) Warrick County's Symmetrical Displaced Left Turn (Symmetrical DLT).

  • Photo of where we started (2019):  Single lane J-turn/hybrid on the east side of the Epworth/SR 66 intersection

  • Photo of what we prefer/Warrick County's solution - this is where the solution was in May 2020

  • Photos of the two current options from INDOT - changes to the May 2020 Symmetrical DLT model made by INDOT and current Hybrid/J-Turn

Epworth Intersection Videos

Below are two video simulations created by INDOT to show each proposed upgrade to Epworth and State Road 66. The simulations were ran using the estimated (updated) morning traffic counts for 2045 during AM Peak hour.



NOTE: These simulations were created as Proof of Concept and are not the final designs. The goal of these simulations is to highlight how a Hyrid/J-Turn and Symmetrical DLT function.

INDOT Hybrid/J-Turn Solution

Preferred Symmetrical DLT

Below you will find the starting point for the project and our initial proposed solution.

Where we Started.jpg

1. Where we started

  • July 21st, 2019 starting point

  • INDOT's solution for Epworth at the time was an unproven and untested single J-Turn/single Displaced Left Turn Hybrid all on the East side of the intersection.

  • This recommendation seemed to be based of off flawed data. 

  • Traffic growth numbers were used that severely underestimated future intersection volume.

WC Prefered Epworth Solution_Cropped.jpg

2. Warrick's Preferred Solution

  • This is what Warrick County has been fighting for.

  • This design is the result of outstanding collaboration with INDOT's project team and engineering consultants.

  • Provides the best outcome for our residents, visitors, stakeholders, and future growth.

  • Performs in modeling better than the Hybrid/J-turn

  • This is similar to the solution proposed at Burkhardt and Stockwell (corridor continuity)

Click Image for a High Resolution PDF

3. Current Hybrid/J-Turn Option:

  • Now includes a two-lane MUT (U-turn/J-turn/Blv left)

  • Includes dual Westbound displaced left-turn lanes.

  • Remains an untested hybrid combination of traffic patterns on one side of the intersection.

  • Still contains a Median U-Turn which is not the right solution on at Epworth or on the Lloyd Expressway.

  • Median U-Turns have received push back across the state.

Click Image for a High Resolution PDF

4. Current Symmetrical DLT Option:

  •  Changes to our preferred version (see number 2 above) were dictated by INDOT's central office.

  • This included changes to both I-69 exit ramps and the North and South Bound Epworth right-turn slip lanes.

  • Forces four previous free-flowing traffic patterns into stoplights. 

  • Adds two new stoplights to the intersection.

Click Image for a High Resolution PDF
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