Over two centuries ago, pioneer tradesmen were drawn to a place with rolling hills, a pleasant climate, and excellent access to the Ohio River, the young nation's primary transportation artery.

Today, the quality of life and extensive access to the nation’s transportation network continue to draw businesses here: Warrick County, Indiana. Usually, they begin by considering the advantages of doing business here – from a business-friendly government, to an abundance of people who understand the value of hard work, to fast access to highway, rail, air, and water transportation.

But once they look closer, something else captivates them: from education, to recreation, healthcare, a comfortable cost of living, weather and more, Warrick County is a wonderful place to call home. Our picturesque towns along the river and among the hills evoke everything that makes small-town America so appealing. Children play in tree-filled parks, families share laughter on porches, and people greet each other in the drugstore. And the values we live by? Consider that America’s most-loved president, Abraham Lincoln, learned his approach to law right here.

Glance through our website, and you’ll see why so many companies have discovered that their success is centered in Warrick County. Visit us, and you will, too.